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St John's Catholic Primary School

St. John's Thematic Curriculum

At St. John’s, we are delivering an exciting, thematic approach to teaching and learning. Evidence suggests that teaching subject knowledge and skills as part of a wider themed based curriculum allows pupils to make useful links between areas of learning whilst consolidating skills. Children are also likely to be more engaged in their learning if it has a context and theme that runs through it.

We find that using the thematic approach, improves the quality of teaching and learning in many ways:

It enables children to make connections in what they are learning.

It increases the children’s interest.

It keeps children engaged.

It draws on connections from the real world and life experiences.

It promotes visits and visitors to enhance the learning.

Over the course of the school year five themes will be taught in each year group, each one focussing on a specific subject area. The thematic curriculum is mapped out to ensure progression in learning and is followed by children from Years 1 to Year 6. Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage also follow a thematic curriculum based upon the statutory requirement of the EYFS.


Each theme will demonstrate Curriculum Drivers at St John’s School these are referred to as 5 C’s.








The school’s curriculum promotes and sustains a thirst for knowledge and understanding and also a love of learning. It is planned and organised on a half termly basis. English and Mathematics are taught on a daily basis for approximately one hour each. Where possible this is through a cross-curricular approach linked to the theme currently being studied by the children. Other curriculum areas such as Art, Science, Technology, Computing, History and Geography are taught through a thematic approach. PE and Religious Education are also taught at least once a week. All children experience Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) through a taught curriculum utilising Ten Ten resources.

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure enriched learning but also to help staff make learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. The curriculum is mapped out by all staff, leaders, and senior management.


We teach Mathematics using the White Rose Scheme of Work, based on the National Curriculum objectives.



We teach English using the Wordsmith Scheme of Work, based on the National Curriculum objectives.



We use the Plan Bee Science Scheme of Work to the National Curriculum objectives. Both knowledge and skills are covered through asking simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways; observing closely, using simple equipment; performing simple tests; identifying and classifying; using observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions; gathering and recording data to help in answering questions.