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St John's Catholic Primary School

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Here at St John's Catholic Primary School, we know our children have the right to have high aspirations - academic success is extremely important to us. To achieve this, we strongly believe in working together as one body of Christ; our children are all called to collaborate and help one another. Each day we provide rich and memorable learning experiences that inspire our children to be curious and active learners who are eloquent in their thinking. They are inspired to create in its broadest sense.

When you visit our school, you will see that we work tirelessly to nurture the Gospel values within our children, so that they may build their own lives upon them and leave us with strong foundations.

Let us work together in these endeavours. It is our calling to nurture the light of Christ within every part of our school and parish community.                                                           In this way, we can truly, ‘love one another’ as Christ loves us.